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The United Allied States


It’s a beautiful emblem. The creators of this emblem dedicate their energy and time to make it appealing. It’s a masterful piece of work worth complimenting. There are similar coats of arms around the world, but I guess the creator of this one added the lion to represent the African continent.

What do you think about the aesthetic details of the United Allied States design?

4 thoughts on “The United Allied States”

  1. Dr Richard Levin

    I think it’s absolutely stunning!!!
    I’m more about symbolism than anything else.
    Curious of following please…….
    1) significance of 16 stars ( 8 on each side)
    2) significance of green feather
    3) significance of two swords crossed
    4) significance of duplicating the motto in English to Latin on gold ribbon
    Job well done !!!

  2. I’ve noticed the flag also has sixteen stars, which I believe is telling us they already have sixteen states lined up for the future. I will post the flag. There are fifty-two stars on the USA flag representing 52 states. I think it’s the same with the UAS.

  3. Chris Leonard

    Very nice, well done. Can’t wait for the rest of the information regarding locations, etc. Will probably be one of the first to apply for citizenship.

    1. It will be one of the greatest in history, mainly because it will be powered by blockchain. Regarding location, it’s astonishing that we can’t pin a land and say we are 70% sure that is where their first state, is located. Many will rush to acquire residency, including myself and my family. Do you think it will be too costly for the ordinary man to migrate?

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